It's been such a long time since I've had a website!  When my old one shut me down by charging double for their web hosting, I wasn't sure what I was going to do about it.  Also, even though I know enough to hard-code a PHP/SQL dynamic website from scratch, I didn't really want to go to the trouble of doing it again, especially since I was in grad school at the time and everything was way too busy.

Luckily, I found this site, and I've finally been able to get my site going again.  And it's way easier to maintain now that I'm on a site that provides the content management for me.  I'm actually excited to not have to do all the work involved in maintaining the back end of a website for a change.

So here's my new internet home.  It's still brand new, and I haven't added all the furnishings and knick-knacks that I'd like to have in the end, but all in all, I can't complain too much.  So while not everything's complete, you can check out my recorded works over to the left at the Music page, see some videos of my performances at the Watch page, and check out my upcoming performances on the Schedule page.  There will definitely be more to come in the future, so please check it out!

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